how kids shoes are made

How kid’s shoes are made?

The process of making kids’ shoes involves several steps, including design and development, material selection, cutting, sewing, and assembling and finishing. Attention to detail is crucial at each stage to create a durable and high-quality final product.

How to measure foot length correctly

Why is it so important to measure children’s feet again before buying shoes? Adults notice immediately whether a shoe fits from the size. Children in their early years, on the other hand, have barely any pressure sensitivity and so usually do not notice whether shoes really fit. Above all, children’s feet are still soft and impressionable, and adapt to the shoes. So you should definitely measure children’s feet to determine the right size before purchasing shoes.

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  • A team of 35 full experienced professionals in the development center, which process from initial patterns to cutting, sewing, assembling and quality checking.
  • Dev sampels completed in 15 days.
  • Confirm samples are completed within 7 days.
  • Sales samples require 14 days for completion.
  • We can help you finish 500 models and 3000 pairs each year if needed.

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