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Padded Collar & Heel

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Supportive Heel Cap

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Maximum Stability

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More than Comfort

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Supportive Antibacterial Sockliner

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Direct Injection Process

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Maximum Flexibility

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Protective Toecap

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Natural Movement

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Maximum Breathability

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Extra Lightness

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Technical Waterproof

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Let’s Talk About the Tech

Direct Injection Process (DIP)

We use direct soling with PU (polyurethane) without any use of adhesives. This is a highly-automated process and enables highly-efficient production which also makes sustainable sense.

The advantages for children’s feet are that the footbed can be directly integrated into the shape of the shoe and the material is as light as a feather due to its extremely low density.

PU direct soling ensures that the shoes are extremely soft, flexible, and light and provide children with the best wearing comfort.

Waterproof Tech

Waterproof shoes should be both permanently waterproof and breathable, meaning the correct waterproof membrane is crucial to the construction.

Our waterproof membrane keeps children’s feet dry during all types of weather and ensures a pleasant temperature thanks to optimum breathability.

We’ve introduced the bio-based waterproof membrane BioPDO™. BioPDO ™ bio-based waterproof material does not compromise the waterproof performance due to its eco-friendly attributes. It performs well on water vapor permeability. The membrane made from the BioPDO™ process reduces our use of non-renewable resources by 40%. It’s a more environmentally friendly waterproof membrane.

Interior precise structure

Another important element is the soul of each pair of shoes. The way we construct the silhouette of the upper and interior structure is always the key to a great fit.

Our shoe masters are skilled when it comes to the properties of the material we use and combine this with their fine craftsmanship.

They not only check to ensure that the pattern pieces fit correctly, but they also ensure the interior reinforcement and lining structure is optimal.

Lastly, they take the work from the initial prototype sample to size grading, to the pre-production order test. Their work is precise at every step to ensure smooth and accurate production.

Partner with the Best

How Will We Work Together?


We listen to your ideas, understand your brand’s identity, create the characteristic & specific sketches.

– 01 –

Tool Development

We develop the blueprint of the new tools and our experts discuss and perfect the final mock-up.

– 02 –

Sample Process

Once the tools are fixed, samples will be completed within 10 days.

– 03 –

Fitting Test

We ensure the shoes fit correctly  and have the right protective and supportive structure.

– 04 –

Size Grading

Once the sample size has been confirmed, all the other sizes can be graded according to the standard.

– 05 –

Bulk Production

Equipped with an automated production line, we can fulfill a capacity of 2000 pairs of shoes per day.

– 06 –


We will help with the proper testing of items according to different categories and markets.

– 07 –

Quality Inspection

Our in-house quality control teams ensure the on-line quality, fit-tests & packaging checks.

– 08 –

Shipping & Logistics

We will determine the best and most efficient shipping methods to your final destination.

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What make us the Right Choice for you?

For Brand Owners & Wholesalers

Looking for a reliable supplier to manufacture your bulk PU injection shoes? Partner with us and enjoy our one-stop-shop services.

Equipped with 50+ Digital Sewing Machines and an AI production line with 2000 pairs capability each day to satisfy your business’ development.

We provide durable and comfortable shoes from our own processing factory, which helps to control the price at a more competitive level.

Our experienced design team is well-equipped with industry technology and will focus on your brand identity and market the latest trends. We also offer custom packaging solutions and labels to help you build your brand.

For Retailers or Distributors

With our passion to create the most sustainable and comfortable shoes for kids, we’ve designed a full collection with our private DRYFIT MAX label. If you are a retailer or distributor, we can help you to provide the most popular and profitable kids’ shoes in your market.

We are a 100% manufacturer brand. We offer our clients the best QUALITY with inspections at every step.

We offer a Low MOQ of 200 pairs to make it easier for new entrants to purchase high-quality products.

Response time is crucial, so at Dryfitmax we will assist you to ship to destinations  with the fastest shipping methods.

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