The first pair of shoes – when and what is important

In this blog post, you will read: The first pair of shoes marks a new chapter in the life of your child. Now they are really ready to embark on adventures and explore the world. But when is it the right time for their first shoes?

There is no general age for this. In essence: little feet need freedom of movement first and foremost and must be supported in their development. So to begin with, allow your child to stand and walk barefoot or in (anti-slip) socks for as long as possible, because this is how the tendons and muscles will develop in the most natural way possible.

As soon as the little ones take their first solid steps of their own and begin to feel secure enough to want to start walking outside, you should get them their first toddler shoes. Above all, shoes primarily provide protection from wetness, cold, dirt and injuries.

Children’s feet are not just small versions of an adult’s. A special fit, ingenious technology and high-quality materials are thus essential for children’s shoes. Additionally, with toddler shoes a flexible sole that supports the movement of the foot is important. The outer materials should be soft, flexible and breathable in order to guarantee the regulated transfer of moisture. Children’s feet have just as many sweat glands as an adult’s feet, but over a much smaller surface area. Also, the shoe must provide sufficient support to assist with their first steps into the big, wide world. The shank height is therefore slightly raised in almost all toddler shoes to give the child a secure footing and protect their feet and ankles.

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